Policy Consulting

TEKFORS Policy and Strategy Consultancy

TEKFORS AB has been undertaking high-profile policy projects – with a strong focus on green growth strategy and hands-on international collaboration in eco-innovation. With our strong policy networks and business partnership, we are uniquely placed to act as a catalyst, combining a “top-down” policy dialogue with “bottom-up” innovation and business activities.

The focal areas of our policy and strategy consultancy:

  • Internationalisation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in clean technology (clean-tech) sectors.
  • Interplay between international energy, climate change policy and innovation policy in South-North collaboration and private-public partnership.
  • National and regional green growth strategies in terms of green technology, green investment and green business development plans in OECD countries and in emerging economies.

TEKFORS policy team has solid and multidisciplinary analytical experience as well as strong policy networks. The team works on international cooperation with a specific focus on eco-innovation and green growth strategy in the Nordic, and the European as well as the Chinese contexts. The promotion activities and policy projects conducted by the policy team has become a highly efficient tool for TEKFORS to develop a strategic alliance as well as sustaining its competitive edged at the policy frontier.