Computational Intelligence

What is Computational Intelligence?

Computational Intelligence (CI) is a set of computational methodologies that address complex problems of real world applications with great flexibility and accuracy. The main building blocks of CI include fuzzy logic systems, neural networks and evolutionary computation:

  • Fuzzy logic deals with uncertainty associated with human reasoning and perception, based on formal and strict mathematical modelling.
  • Neural networks mimic the human brain and represent a computational mechanism based on a simplified mathematical model.
  • Evolutionary computation mimics genetics in so called genetic algorithms and is developed to learn how to efficiently group, predict, classify and control objects, and processes.

CI has been under intensive research and development and advanced rapidly, particularly in basic research.


TEKFORS CI Technology Applications

Based on solid basic research results, but moving beyond academic research, TEKFORS in-house system development team is specialised in state-of-the-art CI technologies and has made breakthroughs in practical applications, with a particular focus on energy saving and environmental protection.

  • TEKFORS-BEE (Building Energy Efficiency)
  • TEKFORS-FFS (Family Food Safety)
  • TEKFORS-EEC (Elder E-Care)

TEKFORS is a competitive developer of CI-based systems. Compared to the very few existing systems in the global market, our system has the competitive advantages of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reliable monitoring and control performance. TEKFORS has a great potential for a rapid market penetration and expansion, particularly in fast-growing markets in China and in South-East Asia.