Building Energy Efficiency

TEKFORS-BEE (Building Energy Efficiency)

Current energy statistics across different sectors show that (International Energy Agency, 2011) the building sector uses approximately 40% of the total electricity consumed worldwide. The electricity use is highly concentrated to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting, operation of equipments including computers, processors and household appliances, etc. In practice, power and electricity use is often inefficient with regard to the overall building operability. The main reasons for this inefficiency are to various degrees, associated with underutilization of building thermal characteristics, oversized HVAC equipment, inefficient HVAC and lighting controls and maintenance.

The key objective of our system development for TEKFORS-BEE is to change existing mind-set and practical approach in the current energy-saving practices, i.e. shifting away from over-reliance on capital-intensive to cost-efficient and intelligence-based approach. In other words, our system goes beyond a costly and inefficient quick-fix, but targets at continuous and deepened improvement in building energy efficiency.


Key innovative features

This system is of low/zero up-front investment requirement and flexibility, which can be adopted to buildings with various HVAC control and lightening systems. The system is particularly attractive for retrofit projects, which can achieve 5-15% energy-saving, based on existing HVAC equipment through:

  • The full use of the inertia of energy storage and energy release of the building, through the utilisation of information of building characteristics;
  • The application of predictive control method, through the utilisation of computational intelligence technologies, so that the system will efficiently prevent waste of energy caused by low-efficiency operation behaviour, such as overheating or overcooling of the building.

No conflicts with other energy saving technologies that have been applied by costumers, but further enhance energy-saving performance through advanced intelligent control and optimisation.


Key competitive advantages compared to other existing systems in the market

  • More efficient HVAC and lighting controls without sacrificing human comfort level, in the contrast to the current inefficient control and energy use resulting in overheating/overcooling.
  • Low up-front investment for users and no significant investments in hardware is required, in contrast to other service suppliers who provide energy service, conditional on purchase of rather expensive hardware.
  • No re-building, re-construction need when installing the TEKFORS-BEE system. No significant physical rebuilding will be required, so shopping malls, hotels and hospitals can operate without any interruption or disturbance.
  • Suitable for either new or old equipment. Differentiated and “tailor-made” adaptation for individual consumers.
TEKFORS-BEE system overview
Oriental Shopping Centre, Huaihai branch, Shanghai Bailian Group (China’s largest retail distribution group)

The TEKFORS–BEE system has been installed at the demonstration site since May, 2012 and significant energy saving result weres observed in summer 2012.

Howard Johnson Caida Plaza, Shanghai

The TEKFORS–BEE system will be installed at the demonstration site in April, 2013.