Elder E-Care

TEKFORS-EEC (Elderly E-Care)

As the aging population increases, elderly care, particularly for those who spend most of time alone at home and away from their children and relatives has become both a health -care concern and a considerably social issue. In both emerging economies and Europe, the resources of the public health sector are becoming more heavily taxed and can hardly provide sufficient and timely monitoring services.

Faced by spiralling costs and social challenge, “e-health” and “e-care”, a combination of conventional health care methods with advanced information and communication technologies opens up a new window of opportunity for improving quality of life for the elderly, in terms of both health care and social contacts.

TEKFORS-EEC is a wireless sensor network based homecare device in the form of an arm brace carried by the elderly. The continuous monitoring is taking place through a short-distance wireless communication network between the device and a smartphone. This enables both automatic and manual alarms about unexpected health and other emergencies to be sent to a health care provider or relative. TEFFORS-EEC can significantly improve the rescue and survival rate in health emergencies and provide the elderly with an increased sense of security.


Key innovative features

  • TEKFORS-EEC applies active monitoring instead of the current passive monitoring.
  • Low energy use facilitating 24/7 monitoring.

Key competitive advantages compared to other existing systems in the market

With “smartphone for the senior” gaining ever greater popularity in the global market, TEKFORS-EEC, with its monitoring and alarm function, will be a perfect match!

  • Flexibility: TEKFORS-EEC can be used both independently or embedded into more complex remote health monitoring systems and networks;
  • Automatic, combined with manual alarm function: Most portable alarm system needs manual operation. TEKFORS-EEC’s automatic alarm function is the key to improving the rescue rate for those who lose the ability to activate the alarm when the emergency occurs.