Family Food Security

TEKFORS-FFS (Family Food Safety)

The fear and uncertainty about food safety is increasingly becoming a daily concern, not only in emerging economies, but even in the European and Nordic countries. Undesirable and/or excess use of chemical fertilizers, contamination caused by toxic and heavy metals impose both immediate and long-term negative effects on our health as a result of occasional large intakes or daily intakes of small amounts over time.

However, as the food production chains are highly complex, involving multiple stages from cultivation to processing and distribution, the responsible authorities face great difficulties in monitoring, regulating and detecting problems. These enormous problems thus create a need among consumers to be able to easily examine the safety of daily food purchases in a reliable, but inexpensive way.

TEKFORS-FFS offers just that opportunity! It is a simple hand-held spectrometer that consumers can use to detect possible contamination with the help of smartphone-based applications and web services. The advice can be used at home or when the consumer is making purchases at a supermarket or grocery store. We aim, through TEKFORS-FFS, to decrease human and eco-system exposure to toxic substances and thereby contribute to “a (more) toxic-free everyday environment”, not only in Sweden but also globally.


Key innovative features

Technically our spectrometer is built on NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy, coupled with advanced statistical classification methods. In addition to the advanced technology our system offers great flexibility and user-friendliness:

  • A handheld spectrometer with simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Classification algorithms and data profiles for different types of grocery both in solid and liquid forms;
  • A simple web service for downloading and updating of data profiles, which makes the system scalable and adaptable to a wide variety of food segments and thus different consumer needs.

Key competitive advantages compared to other existing systems in the market

TEKFORS-FFS is a cost-efficient tool for empowering consumers to make informed decisions when it comes to food safety! Currently, there is no system that allows consumers to test food safety in an easy way on their own. There are of course, handheld spectrometers on the market today. However, these are for professional use and more advanced than what it is required for the need of consumer and more expensive. In addition, these spectrometers are mostly specialised to test for a known and specific harmful substance at a time. In comparison, TEKFORS-FFS has the following unique comparative advantages:

  • Flexibility: our spectrometer can make test directly on various types of food products without any pre-treatment;
  • User-friendliness: easy for consumers to manage through a smartphone-based application and web service;
  • Low price: which can be affordable to consumers to make reliable test and highly competitive compared to spectrometers for professional use.